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About HotMommasProject.org and GWSB Entrepreneur in Residence Kathy Korman Frey: Speaker on what women really need to be doing for success. Topics include: Women’s empowerment, confidence, balance, business, and mentorship.


“Thank you so much for coming out and leading the program, it was fabulous! The group loved you!! I’ve heard nothing but good feedback. I’ve already had two women mention to me that they plan to write a to-don’t list! I also felt empowered after leaving the program. As a young working mom, you really touched on what I’m going through. Everyone wants to bring you back for other Women’s leadership and empowerment programs.”

Jennifer Scher

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington

“Excellent…very helpful…A great way to break away from the surgical mindset.  This was fantastic. Thanks!”

Attendees of…

Association of American Women’s Surgeons Conference

“You were a tremendous asset to our students and we really appreciated your time and energyStaff and students have already talked about wanting to hire you for another speaking engagement.”

Sandie Taylor, Women’s Conference Organizer

Wake Forest MBA Program

I would recommend @chiefhotmomma[Kathy Korman Frey] as an action-oriented keynote speaker for quality business conferences. Her#wgbiz talk was electric.”

Shashi Bellamkonda, Social Media Swami

Network Solutions

“The entire session was amazingly beneficial.”

Cindi Thomas, DC Sis U Session attendee

“Quick exercises and some really simple strategies made me realize almost immediately what I’ve been missing….It’s brilliant!”

Heidi Staatz, DC Sis U Session attendee

“I’ve paid good money for counseling and business advice that has never come close to what you imparted to our group last week.  I hate to sound so evangelist about your work but I had several break through moments listening to you and the other women who participated in the class.”

Dorothy Johnson, event attendee

Network of Entrepreneurial Women


@ChiefHotMomma | Absolutely LOVED your presentation this morning at#wgbiz bootcamp – thank you!!!


Just ran into @ChiefHotMomma in the rest room. She is SO personable and cool. You could tell from her presentation earlier.#wgbiz


Great presentation by @chiefhotmomma So glad to be a part of the sisterhood. What a gr8 start to the AM!


The first speaker @ChiefHotMomma is awesome!about 7 hours ago viaUberTwitter


Fascinating #wgbiz session – listening in online. Also, my first exposure to @ChiefHotMomma and her project…learning a lot this morning!


We just joined the NEW sisterhood of success! Yay!#wgbiz Thanks @chiefhotmomma gr8 way to kick off the morning!


I love what @ChiefHotMomma said, “you’ve just joined the new sisterhood of success.” That’s what it’s about, ladies. #wgbiz


That was a great exercise! RT @Sisarina: What can help you in all areas of your business? People in this room today!#wgbiz @chiefhotmomma


@chiefhotmomma in the house!


Great keynote presentation by @chiefhotmomma “The New Sisterhood of Success” #wgbiz


Keynote speaker Kathy Frey @chiefhotmomma (crazy awesome lady!) is starting at #wgbizabout 8 hours ago via web


@ChiefHotMomma you really inspired me with your keynote at #wgbiz, I’m interested in being a mentor:)about 12 hours ago via Echofon


Great DC tweetup idea by @clickwisdom (inspired by @chiefhotmomma) aka Power of 5 Tweetup http://ow.ly/20WvL -7/18th @nakeva @tbdunmasked


Having a convo today with a friend and the sisterhood


Just registered for the Girls and Power: The New Sisterhood of Successhttp://ad.vu/57g9 Coming June 23… @ChiefHotMomma of ’5′ @chiefhotmomma… Def on to something!


Started following @ChiefHotMomma because 1. she seems brilliant & 2. “hates word moist” is in her bio. MY least fav word too!!


@inspiremetoday @ChiefHotMomma is great!


The New Sisterhood of Success emerging from #dcweek#wgbizhttp://bit.ly/dwwzoG@chiefhotmomma


Kathy Korman Frey @ChiefHotMomma does it again for young women!http://bit.ly/d1fjqv


@ChiefHotMomma thanks for the link. You’re awesome and inspiring! #wgbiz#dcweek


I would recommend @chiefhotmomma as a action oriented keynote speaker for quality business conference. Her#wgbiz talk was electric


She is a must see! Gr8 info 4 women in biz! RT @ChiefHotMomma: New Sisterhood of Success slideshow (use IE )http://ad.vu/zkb9 #in


For more information see www.HotMommasProject.org.

For speaking, consulting, and press inquires , please call 202.237.8000, email info@HotMommasProject.org, or find us on Twitter        http://www.twitter.com/ChiefHotMomma




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